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A black landscape will bring out feeling that color can’t show. Remember indie horror?

Landscape Architecture Magazine

interiro The work of Janelle Johnson, ASLA, a senior landscape architect at OLIN, is among projects by several designers featured in Johnson and photographer Sahar Coston-Hardy’s takeover of OLIN’s Instagram feed for Black History Month.

The house photographer and videographer at OLIN, Sahar Coston-Hardy, already has a cult following after her recent appearance at the ASLA Annual Meeting in Denver, so we aren’t all that surprised that she’s working social media channels in smart and interesting ways. Coston-Hardy (@saharchphoto) and Janelle Johnson, ASLA (@janelle_rla), a senior landscape architect at OLIN, have been handed control of the firm’s Instagram feed (@olininsta) for the month of February to highlight the contributions of African Americans to the field of landscape architecture.

opener Olininsta post on the work of 2014 National Olmsted Scholar Sara Zewde, MLA candidate at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design.

Coston-Hardy and Johnson look expansively at how “contributions” might be defined by featuring the work of…

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Feng Shui Your House

A great room results in great energy!

The Fourth House

I am by no means a Feng Shui expert, but here are some of the primary Feng Shui principles to guaranty good energy flow throughout your house!


The Front Door. The front door represents our relationship with the world and guides incoming feng shui energy into the house. 

What is the first thing you see when you walk towards your front door? Is there an overgrown bush in the way? A recycling bin? Are the numbers to your home clear? Do you use your front door as the primary entry?

One of the feng shui principles holds that energy (or Chi) prefers to enter through the front door if invited. When you walk in your front door, where do you feel your attention (or the energy) flows to right away? Is it reflected (back out of the house) from a mirror facing the front door? Does it go straight through the front…

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DIY Etched Glass

A great idea to send to my favorite Wastelanders! Enjoy a super neat craft guys! For now, Wasteland out.

The Fourth House


This Christmas was a very-DIY Christmas, and it’s about time I got to sharing some of the crafts I concocted. This was by far my favorite and probably easiest. The most fun part about this craft is deciding what you’re going to etch and what you’re going to etch on it. I decided to make two sets of whiskey glasses for my brother and dad. I found a set of four basic glasses at Target. I printed out the designs I wanted from a basic google search and I got “custom” monograms from Mark and Graham’s monogram maker.


First, make sure your glasses or surface that you will be etching is clean and dry. Next, using the stencils you printed out and an x-acto knife, cut out the design(s) you want onto adhesive vinyl, or in my case, Martha Stewart Adhesive Stencil Film. Once you have that cut out, stick the outline…

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And Now… I will teach you a card game. It’s [obviously] called Spoons.

You start off each {2 or more} players with four cards.

If 5 players, there will be 4 spoons in the middle. If 2, there will be one. Ya get the gist?

The 1st person will pick up a card from the rest of the deck and keep it if they have one that matches.

To win, you have to get all of the Aces, or all of the Twos, or all of the Threes, or Fours, or etcetera.

You can only have 4 cards though, so when you pick one up, you then give one away that doesn’t match your little winning hand that’cha got there. And the second person passes one to the third, and so on.

Um, rage, but you most definitely grab a spoon as quick as possible as soon as you get your matching cards, or if you see some one else grab a spoon.

Good Luck.

For now, Wasteland out.

P.S. A single tip: Try and grab it [giggle] slyly so no-one knows that there is a spoon that somehow became non-existent.